Dennis P. Chase Jr., 27, of Mashpee was arraigned in Falmouth District Court on Wednesday, January 29, on charges of possession of a Class B drug and possession of a Class A drug with intent to distribute after a month-long investigation by local and state police.

During December, the Mashpee and the Falmouth police departments, with help from the State Police Drug Task Force, investigated the activity of Mr. Chase after a confidential informant told them that Mr. Chase was actively selling heroin/fentanyl from his residence on Wampanoag Drive.

Police said the informant told them that Mr. Chase has no driver’s license and does not drive, but is driven around in a small gray car registered to his parents.

Police said that the confidential informant completed a narcotics transaction with Mr. Chase on December 2.

Police said they observed Mr. Chase leave his residence, walk to meet the confidential informant and complete a hand-to-hand drug transaction with the informant. In the transaction, the informant bought a brown powdery substance that police said was heroin/fentanyl from Mr. Chase. The substance was sent to Massachusetts State Police drug lab for testing.

After the alleged transaction, police continued to observe Mr. Chase’s activity.

At about 8 PM on December 5, police said that they observed Mr. Chase leave his residence in the passenger seat of a gray Hyundai Accent registered to Dennis Chase Sr. An unknown white male was driving the car. Police said the vehicle went to the Carleton Circle Motel on Sandwich Road in Falmouth. Police said the younger Mr. Chase entered the motel and, after approximately four minutes, returned to the vehicle. The vehicle returned Mr. Chase to his Wampanoag Drive residence.

Mashpee Detective David Mackiewicz wrote in his report on the investigation that the Carleton Circle Motel “has been a target of numerous narcotics investigations and search warrants in the past.”

“The in-and-out nature of the stop, and the time spent at the Carleton Circle Motel is consistent with narcotics transactions,” Detective Mackiewicz wrote.

As a result of these observations, Detective Mackiewicz obtained a GPS warrant for the gray Hyundai Accent, and officers successfully attached a GPS device to the vehicle.

Police remotely monitored the vehicle’s activity for about a month. Police said that the vehicle’s activity is consistent with narcotics distribution.

“This behavior included trips to high crime areas, which are known for narcotics dealing, and areas where those involved in this investigation have witnessed previous narcotics transactions,” Detective Mackiewicz wrote.

On January 2, police said that the confidential informant contacted Mr. Chase to purchase some heroin/fentanyl, but he replied that he did not have any to sell until his “guy” got back from vacation on January 5.

On January 6, police said they observed the activity of the gray Hyundai Accent via the GPS monitor.

Police said that the car left Mashpee Village at approximately 2 PM and proceeded to a Dunkin’ Donuts and gas station off Route 3 in Plymouth, remaining at this location for approximately 17 minutes. The investigating detectives believed that the younger Mr. Chase was resupplying with narcotics.

Police said that surveillance confirmed that the younger Mr. Chase was a passenger in the vehicle.

At 4 PM that same day, Mashpee Police Officer Michael Worrick performed a traffic stop on a gray Hyundai Accent, the car that had been transporting Mr. Chase, on Old Barnstable Road in Mashpee. The car had no inspection sticker and a defective exhaust system.

Police said that a search performed of the younger Mr. Chase found one sealed Suboxone strip and two open Suboxone strip wrappers in his wallet.

Mr. Chase said he had a prescription for the Suboxone, but as of January 7, he had not produced one, police said.

Dennis Chase Jr. was allowed to leave the scene of the traffic stop in the gray Hyundai, but is now being charged with possession of a Class B drug, Suboxone, and distribution of a Class A drug, heroin/fentanyl.

At his arraignment on Wednesday, he was held on $100,000 bail. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for February 20.

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