108 Commercial Street

108 Commercial Street

Five engineering firms have offered quotes to perform a site feasibility analysis for an affordable housing development at 108 Commercial Street, the first step toward building new affordable and workforce housing units.

The Mashpee Affordable Housing Trust voted at a joint meeting with the Mashpee Select Board in November to approve the feasibility study for a housing development on the six acres of town-owned land located on Commercial Street. Now, after issuing a request for a quote to six local firms, the town has received five responses.

The site feasibility analysis will be done by an engineering company hired by the town to collect information on whether the housing development is physically and financially feasible.

Town Manager Rodney C. Collins has not awarded the feasibility analysis to a firm yet. However, for a procurement of this type, the town awards the project to the firm that has offered the best price, Town Planner Evan R. Lehrer said in a joint Affordable Housing Committee and Economic Development and Industrial Corporation meeting Tuesday, January 11.

In this case, the lowest bidder was the Sandwich-based Horsley Witten Group at $24,600. The highest bid came in at $38,650.

Horsley Witten Group completed the feasibility analysis for the affordable housing trust for 950 Falmouth Road in 2017.

“We have had a productive working relationship with them in the past, and I anticipate should we offer the award and they accept the project that they are more than capable of delivering on the scope of work that we defined in the request for quote itself,” Mr. Lehrer said.

The town plans to award the project to a firm officially by the end of the day today.

Moving forward, Mr. Lehrer said the feasibility analysis is likely to be completed by June. Once it is finished, the affordable housing trust can issue a request for proposals to developers.

The window for developers to offer a proposal for the project will be open for about 30 days. According to this schedule, the trust should then have a list of possible developers by August.

Reviewing and interviewing the developers could take at least another 30 days.

Therefore, Mr. Lehrer said he believes it will be possible to recommend a developer for award of site development to the affordable housing trust in September.

The first step toward getting this schedule on track was procuring the quotes for the site feasibility analysis.

“The first milestone of any action at 108 Commercial Street has been delivered upon,” Mr. Lehrer said.

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