The Mashpee Community Preservation Committee received eight applications for funding before its November 1 deadline, including construction of a multipurpose track-and-field stadium at the Mashpee Middle-High School and several smaller items.

The committee will meet at 6:30 PM on Thursday, December 2, in the Ockway Meeting Room at Town Hall to review and vote on the applications.

The total cost of the multipurpose field stadium at the high school is expected to be about $2,789,000. The application submitted to the CPC by the Mashpee Department of Public Works seeks $1,709,400 toward the project.

The Mashpee Housing Authority submitted two applications to the CPC. The first application from the housing authority seeks about $265,000 for roof, sidings and window work at Breezy Acres, a family affordable housing development at 570 Old Barnstable Road.

The second application from the housing authority seeks about $168,000 to replace the roof at Homeyer Village, an affordable housing development on Job’s Fishing Road for people who are elderly or disabled.

The Mashpee Planning Department submitted an application to the CPC for $25,000 toward updating the town’s Housing Production Plan.

The Mashpee Community Garden Advisory Committee and Mashpee Historical Commission submitted an application for about $18,000 for the expansion of the community garden.

The historical commission submitted an application to the CPC for $2,500 for an HVAC unit for the historic one-room schoolhouse at Community Park as well as an application for $2,145 for the restoration of the Lakewood Cemetery.

The historical commission also submitted an application for additional funding for construction of a memorial at Community Park that will bear the names of the more than 230 Mashpee veterans who fought in wars dating back to the American Revolution. The additional funding sought from the CPC for the project is still to be determined.

Mashpee’s Community Preservation Fund was established under the state’s Community Preservation Act. The fund is supported by a 2 percent property tax as well as by an annual disbursement incentive from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

The fund is meant to help Massachusetts communities preserve open space, historic sites, create affordable housing and develop outdoor recreational facilities. Each year communities are required to set aside a portion of the funds to open space, affordable housing and historic preservation.

At present, the Mashpee Community Preservation Fund has $719,000 reserved for affordable housing, $691,000 reserved for historic preservation and $508,000 reserved for open space, the town’s finance director, Dawn M. Thayer, said.

An additional $4.5 million is not reserved for any of those purposes, though only $2.9 million of that is not already dedicated to projects already in the works, Ms. Thayer said.

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