The Mashpee Board of Health during its meeting last Thursday, April 1, conditionally approved the marijuana cultivation permit for Aspen Blue LLC at 14 Wags Road, provided the recommendations the board made are met.

First among the health board’s recommendations are that the conditions, recommendations and manufacturer specifications within the Odor Mitigation Plan are incorporated into the board’s decision that the noise-attenuating material and sound barriers are provided around the chiller air cooler and generator.

The second is that the $300 operating permit fee is paid. Third, the requirements and proposals depicted on the submitted site plan be completed before cultivation permit issuance, as an example water drains and a tight tank. An agent of the health board will confirm the tank, and the specifications and calculations for the air discharge blower and stack will be provided to the board of health to confirm it meets the odor mitigation plan.

Thomas Cushing, air quality southeast region permit chief for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, reviewed the odor mitigation plan on behalf of the state. His comments, which Mashpee Health Agent Glen E. Harrington presented at the meeting, were not an approval but rather a guidance for the board.

Aspen Blue had not received Mr. Cushing’s comments before its presentation to the board of health.

Mr. Cushing’s notes included that the height of the stack should be 1.5 times the height of the building; the key is to have a tight building for proper capture of interior air; the fan on the blower needs to be adequately sized; the scrubber should be maintained according to manufacturer specifications and recommendations; to check for location of emergency generator or engine in regard to noise and to ask for options if odor or noise become a problem; and there should be a protocol to deal with complaints or issues.

After reading Mr. Cushing’s comments, Mr. Harrington said the odor mitigation plan details how to keep the building structure tight so that no exterior air would seep into it, and creates a bypass. He also said the plan details a procedure if complaints are filed.

Also present at the meeting to address Mr. Cushing’s concerns were Kyle Baker, chief strategy officer for EcoBuds, the group that created the odor mitigation plan; and Frank Zaino, Aspen Blue’s engineer. The pair said they want clarification on the height of the stack, believing that the 1.5 times requirement is too high. They also noted that the generator was inside a soundproof room and would not create any outside noise.

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