Mashpee Senior Spotlights

Nathan Ware

The Cape Cod Commission’s Climate Ambassador Program is designed to bring together high school students who are interested in the environment and who want to better understand climate change and find ways to combat it.

The program was very selective, as only 19 students from across Cape Cod were chosen to participate in this semester-long opportunity. The interested students had to submit a letter of interest and receive a recommendation from a teacher.

Mashpee’s representative is Mashpee Middle-High School senior Nathan Ware.

“I wanted to see what opportunities where available on Cape Cod in terms of actually making an impact on the climate locally and trying to figure out how myself and other people could contribute to improving our environment,” Nathan said.

Nathan said he was instantly interested in the program after his Advanced Placement environmental science teacher Tom Hoppensteadt mentioned it to his class.

Mr. Hoppensteadt said he knows that the climate ambassador program is getting one of the best students around.

“He’s really intelligent, self-motivated, loves science and technology; he’s very expressive yet humble,” Mr. Hoppensteadt said of Nathan. “He likes to share his information with others, and as an ambassador I think you need to have that quality.”

Despite his love for science, Nathan said his favorite subject was a “close call” between science and math.

“Science has really been my strong suit,” he said. “With climate change being on the front of concerns for society, that’s really an area where I can apply my love for science to make an impact.”

Nathan showed that science was his strong suit when he entered the school’s science fair last month. He and his brother Sean, a sophomore, teamed up to work on a project that tied for first place. Their project focused on light propagation and particle wave duality.

“I don’t think we thought we were going to win but [to] do well with the work we had put in,” Nathan said. “We created some neat demonstrations and did really well in our interviews and ultimately took home the prize.”

After high school, Nathan plans to go to college for engineering. So far, he has been accepted to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is also waiting to hear back from Cornell University, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Nathan said his goal is to “figure out how to mesh those things together to design a carbon sequestration plant to be used on a broad scale or do something to benefit the environment.”

Before Nathan leaves the Cape and heads off to college, he said he wants to make an impact in his own community, and he has the perfect platform through which to do it.

“It’s been really cool to be in a program with a bunch of other students from across Cape Cod who are passionate about the environment and really want to make a contribution to improving the world we live in,” he said. “It’s inspiring to see there really are so many kids out there who are excited and inspired to start taking action.”

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Congratulations Nathan!. I hope you will continue to grow in your overall interests to make a positive difference in the communities around you.

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