Arraignment Of Andrew Baily

Andrew Baily, center, and his attorney Drew Segadelli, left, listen to Judge Edward Lynch, who presided over the hearing. Mr. Baily has been charged with the murder of his mother, Cheryl Crowell, at her Mashpee home on Friday. He was in Falmouth District Court Monday morning.

A court clinician testified in a status update at Falmouth District Court Wednesday, December 23, that murder defendant Andrew M. Baily, 26, should be further evaluated at Bridgewater State Hospital.

On Monday, Mr. Baily pleaded not guilty to murdering his mother in her Mashpee home on Friday last week.

Judge Edward F.X. Lynch ruled that Mr. Baily would be held without bail pending a mental heath evaluation during the arraignment in Falmouth on Monday.

Mr. Baily is charged with domestic assault and battery, strangulation or suffocation with serious bodily injury, assault and battery on a 60-plus-year-old person with serious injury, and murder in connection with the death of his mother, Cheryl R. Crowell, 60, of Mashpee.

The next status update is scheduled for January 11.

Mr. Baily’s attorney, J. Drew Segadelli, said Monday, to prepare for the trial, it would be necessary to employ the services of a private investigator and a psychologist.

According to the police report, on Friday around 11:12 AM, the Mashpee Police Department received multiple calls reporting a disturbance outside 1 Wampanoag Drive.

Mashpee police responded and found that Mr. Baily, who police said was acting erratically, had blood and scrapes on his face and bruising on his hands. Police placed Mr. Baily in custody, during which time, the police report said, he stated he had killed his mother.

According to the police report, when Mashpee Police Detective Michael Cook asked Mr. Baily what had happened, the suspect again allegedly said he killed his mother because he thought she was a spy. Mr. Baily told Det. Cook he strangled and punched his mother, the report said.

Tracy Williams, a neighbor and witness, told police that Ms. Crowell drove to Illinois about a week ago to pick up her son, Mr. Baily, and brought him back to stay with her at her home in Mashpee, the police report said.

Mr. Baily told police he was homeless and had been staying with his mother for the past few days, the report said.

Police located Ms. Crowell in a bedroom closet beneath a pile of clothes. She was unresponsive with a faint pulse and had facial injuries consistent with being struck, including blood on her face, the report said.

The Mashpee Fire Rescue Department treated Ms. Crowell and transported her to Falmouth Hospital, where she was declared dead at 12:05 PM, the report said.

During booking, Mr. Baily stated that his father made him kill his mother, and during an interview with Det. Cook, Mr. Baily said he used to live with his father, Michael Baily, in Illinois, the report said. In addition, the report said the defendant claimed his father would use psychological warfare on him.

According to the police report, Mr. Baily told Det. Cook he loved his mother and had a great relationship with her. He added he was having trouble sleeping and could not remember the last time he actually slept, the report said.

About two weeks prior, Mr. Baily was involved in a car accident in Illinois that resulted in his hospitalization, the report said.

Mr. Baily repeatedly told Det. Cook of the psychological warfare that came from his father, the report said. He said he was listening to a radio show and was bombarded with psychological messages from his father through the radio that told him to kill his mother, the report said.

The report said Mr. Baily told police he found his mother sleeping in her room and proceeded to hit and choke her. According to the report, he said he could not remember how many times he struck her. He said he pushed her in the closet while he choked her, the report said.

Mr. Baily told Detective Cook he remembered his mother touching his face before she died, and he said he continued to choke her, the report said.

He then ran outside the apartment, where Mashpee police arrested him, the report said.

Cape and Islands State Police Detective Unit Trooper Gregory R. Furtado stated that, due to the facts, probable cause existed to charge Mr. Baily.

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