The Mashpee School Committee will go with Canton-based DataQuest LTD to investigate the actions of Superintendent Brian A. Hyde after he made a contentious home visit earlier this fall, allegedly trespassing into a private residence.

DataQuest is a nation wide private investigating company with a clientele database of more than 1,000 companies, the company’s webpage reads.

Committee members voted unanimously Wednesday, October 28, deciding against Investigative Services Inc out of Rhode Island and a private investigator from Plymouth named Paul White.

Chairman Scott P. McGee provided proposals from the three investigators to the committee.

Committee members chose the company because of its larger scope, it offered the best price, its experience and because it provided corporate investigations rather than just criminal investigations.

The committee agreed to the investigating company on the stipulation that the investigation be completed by Friday, November 13 and that the investigator chosen by DataQuest have no affiliation to Cape Cod and the Mashpee School District.

The purpose of the private investigator, Mr. McGee said Wednesday, is to find out what actually happened on the September day when Superintendent Brian A. Hyde allegedly entered a home uninvited while performing a residency check.

The committee faced some heat from the community this week after selectman Andrew R. Gottlieb requested members speed up their decision making process and suggested that they place Sup. Hyde on paid-administrative leave while investigations remain open.

The school committee did not choose to place the superintendent on leave Wednesday night, nor did they make note of Mr. Gottlieb’s suggestions. The committee did meet for close to an hour in executive session prior to Wednesday’s meeting.

The Mashpee Police Department submitted its criminal investigation to a clerk magistrate at the Falmouth District Court last week. A probable cause hearing with the magistrate has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 4, which at this time is closed to the public. The magistrate will decide whether to arraign Mr. Hyde on misdemeanor charges of trespassing and/or breaking and entering.

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