Mashpee’s School Committee will vote on its goals for the current fiscal year during its school committee meeting at 5:30 PM Wednesday, October 16 in Quashnet Elementary School’s library.

The committee’s rough draft of its goals include educational equity, innovation and creating a welcoming environment, said Geoffrey Gorman, chairman of the school committee.

The goals will be finalized at Wednesday night's meeting.

The school committee also is scheduled to vote on the policy regarding vehicle use for official school business, according to the agenda. The policy is intended to create guidelines and standards for the use of school vehicles and to establish compensation for use of a personal vehicle for school business. At the meeting, an update will be given in regard to insurance company recommendation, and committee members will vote on it.

School Superintendent Patricia DeBoer will give an update on the traffic flow problem at Mashpee Middle-High School.

As discussed during last month’s meeting, traffic flow has been a concern at the intersection by Mashpee Middle-High School between Old Barnstable Road and Route 151. Vehicles can get backed up at the light, especially in the mornings.

Improvements to the traffic flow might be at a standstill, as changes to the lights at the intersection could not happen until 2022 or 2023, Ms. DeBoer said at September’s meeting.

“The lanes are there,” Ms. DeBoer said at that meeting. “It seems like it would be an easier fix to make the right lane on Old Barnstable Road to be either straight or let you turn right.”

In addition to traffic flow, the superintendent will also give updates on a proposed solar project from the public works department.

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