Beach Goers

Beachgoers crowd the Town Of Mashpee Beach last Saturday.

Crowds of people poured into Mashpee over the Fourth of July weekend, with one business owner describing the long lines and throngs of customers as “insanity.”

Wednesday through Sunday was “one of the busiest five-day periods ever,” said Mark Lawrence, owner of the Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlor. “We went through more ice cream than I thought it was possible to go through.”

Several other businesses reported similar turnouts.

Kerry A. Munroe, owner of the Picnic Box, described the holiday weekend as “the busiest five days we have ever had.”

“We were fully packed, open to close, Wednesday through Sunday,” she said.

She described business as “pretty amazing” but “a little overwhelming.”

“But we were able to muddle through,” she said.

Robin Fitzgerald, a manager at the Popponesset Inn, said that if she were to rank how busy the weekend was “on a scale of one to 10, it was definitely a 10.” This Fourth of July seemed busier than years past, she said.

At Bagel Haven, the lines were out the door on the Fourth, owner Jamie Schuh said. She said it was the busiest she has seen it in her seven seasons.

Mary Lou Palumbo, executive director of the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce, described the weekend as “very, very busy.”

At least by her personal observations, she said, this Fourth of July “seemed to be a little bit busier than usual.”

“A lot of our merchants were very happy,” she said. “A good weekend for business, absolutely.”

As businesses bustled with customers, roadways bustled with traffic.

Police Captain Thomas Rose described the Fourth of July weekend as “one of the busiest times of the year,” if not the busiest.

With a lot of traffic and “a lot of calls for service,” the holiday weekend was “the busiest I’ve seen in some time,” he said.

Mashpee waterways were also swamped as the holiday weekend coincided with blue skies and plenty of sunshine.

“It was very busy out there on the water,” Harbormaster Jeffrey M. Smith said. Despite the high level of activity, he said there were no major incidents .

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