Mashpee Town Meeting October 21, 2019

F. Thomas Fudala at Town Meeting in 2019

The Mashpee Board of Selectmen accepted the resignation of F. Thomas Fudala, a longtime public servant who once served as Mashpee’s first town planner, from the sewer commission on Monday, August 23.

The selectmen during their meeting in the Waquoit Meeting Room at Town Hall voted unanimously to dedicate the wastewater treatment facility, which Town Meeting approved for construction this past spring, in honor of Mr. Fudala.

“Without [Mr. Fudala’s] efforts, that sewer treatment plant would not be under construction and design, and we’re all deeply appreciative of his work and efforts,” Selectman Andrew R. Gottlieb said, suggesting the treatment plant be named for Mr. Fudala.

Mr. Fudala retired as Mashpee’s first town planner in 2018 after holding the position for 33 years, but remained active as a sewer commissioner to oversee the passage of the first phase of Mashpee’s five-phase plan to sewer the town. He was the chairman of the sewer commission at the time of his resignation.

Selectman David W. Weeden praised Mr. Fudala for his legacy as town planner and for his efforts to establish a wastewater management program in Mashpee, where decades of reliance on septic systems have led to widespread nutrient pollution of local waterways.

“I think it would be great to honor all of the work that [Mr. Fudala] has put in to conservation efforts as well as water quality efforts throughout his career,” Mr. Weeden said.

Mr. Fudala remains a member of the Mashpee Water District Board of Commissioners. He helped establish the water district in 1987.

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