Ashley Fisher - Mashpee Shellfish Constable

Ashley Fisher 

Mashpee Shellfish Constable Ashley Fisher will assume the position of the director of the Natural Resources Department on Saturday, May 30, the same day the current director, Richard H. York Jr., will retire from the position.

Mashpee selectmen confirmed the hiring during their meeting on Monday, May 18. The vote was unanimous.

“I am pleased to be recommending Ashley Fisher, the current shellfish constable, for the position of DNR director,” Town Manager Rodney C. Collins told the selectmen.

Selectman David W. Weeden thanked Mr. York for his years of service and noted the working relationship Mr. York had with the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s director of natural resources, George (Chuckie) Green.

“I know there’s a lot of issues that I know I hear about from time to time with aboriginal rights and people fishing and things. We’re constantly being challenged on that front,” said Mr. Weeden, who is also a member of the tribe and tribal council.

“I really hope strides are made for the town and tribe to kind of come together and work through a lot of the issues,” he said.

Selectmen Chairman Andrew R. Gottlieb said, “I actually have some comfort that Ashley, having been involved and around town for a number of years, will get into the position with the appropriate degree of sensitivity to those issues.”

“I’m optimistic based on everything I’ve seen from her and her ability to perform her tasks under difficult circumstances,” Mr. Gottlieb said.

Selectman Thomas F. O’Hara said he would like to invite Mr. York to a meeting of the selectmen for recognition when the selectmen can meet in person.

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