Trash Heap

The Department of Health issued a notice of violation in October to Manuel Cabral concerning the pile of solid waste off Echo Road.

An article requesting as much as $150,000 to remove a pile of solid waste from an Echo Road location could be before voters at May Town Meeting, Town Manager Rodney C. Collins told the Mashpee selectmen on Monday.

The board of health issued a notice of violation in October to Manuel Cabral for a pile of solid waste stored on his property on Echo Road, where he operates Cabral Container Service and Ron’s Excavating.

The pile remains and is a “solid waste situation we have to intervene on according to the board of health,” Mr. Collins told the selectmen.

The October notice stated that Mr. Cabral was in violation of board of health regulations that regard open air piles of solid waste containing construction and demolition debris to be a public health hazard, a fire hazard and a nuisance, and which require such waste to be taken to a state licensed facility.

Health Agent Glen E. Harrington said, “It’s a fair amount of material.”

Mr. Harrington estimated that it could take $60,000 to $80,000 to remove the pile, though Mr. Collins suggested requesting as much as $150,000 or at least $100,000 from Town Meeting.

“We think we’re going to get the money back but we need it up front,” Mr. Collins said. He said the request for $150,000 or $100,000 projects a “worst-case scenario” and the actual cost could be less.

Mr. Harrington said a lien would be placed on Mr. Cabral’s property should the town spend funds to remove the pile.

“We’re hoping that the operator will come through and get rid of the pile before we even get to this in May,” Mr. Harrington said. “We’ve been talking to him right along and he’s been working on getting rid of it.”

Mr. Cabral could not be reached for comment.

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