Planning Board Candidate

Planning Board candidate John Fulone

As a Mashpee Planning Board candidate John Fulone, who has spent his working life in various leadership positions at banks in the Greater Boston and Cape Cod areas, will campaign on a platform of balancing growth with affordable housing, environmental and business considerations.

A full-time resident of Mashpee for 32 years, Mr. Fulone has raised his family in town.

“Mashpee has been able to grow and mature and develop while keeping the charm of this community,” he said.

He highlighted his collaborative skills and community involvement as qualifications for the position on the planning board.

“I’ll thoughtfully balance the needs of our community—needs like affordable housing for individuals and families, accessible housing for older residents looking to downsize, jobs and revenue from new businesses looking to open and existing businesses looking to expand—with protecting, preserving and enhancing our irreplaceable natural resources,” he said.

Mr. Fulone stressed the importance of finding solutions for affordable housing.

“The livelihood of keeping this place running is on the backs of people who need reasonable, affordable housing and it’s just not affordable,” he said. “It’s time to put a shovel in the ground and start moving forward, we’re losing time and now more than ever we’re going to lose families, we’re going to lose workers because they just can’t afford to work here.”

In terms of affordable housing, he said that “the model of mixed-used planning seems to be working” and that he would look to expand the availability of thoughtful, mixed-use development.

“I think we’ve got to think outside the box and outside the current zoning to find alternatives,” he said.

Of the proposed Mashpee Commons expansion project, where the planning board will represent the town in negotiations, Mr. Fulone said, “I am impressed with and have been impressed with the thoughtful approach that they have developed.

“They seek a lot of community advice, the plans that are currently on the table have been in development for years.”

“I’m in full support of the three-way negotiations,” Mr. Fulone said in reference to the development agreement process approved by the Cape Cod Commission for the expansion project earlier this year. “Everyone gets to opine and voice their collective opinions in full transparency.”

Mr. Fulone said that addressing Mashpee’s wastewater problems is critical and must be weighed when considering the pacing of development in town.

“The wastewater issue is not going away and if we don’t address it, it’s only going to become more expensive,” he said. “It isn’t about development stopping, it is about balancing the pace of development with a wastewater solution; that can be done simultaneously.”

Mr. Fulone noted the skills he has developed through his professional life in banking and in community service roles.

“I think that one of the biggest assets that I bring is my experience in strategic planning, long-term planning and, with that, working through and across departments and disciplines and with diverse partners,” he said.

Mr. Fulone has served on boards for the Boys & Girls Club, the Cape Cod Children’s Museum and Mashpee Community Television, and for Parish of Christ the King’s finance council.

He said he has not sought endorsements at this stage in the race.

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