Electrical crews are still working to restore power to part of Mashpee and much of the Cape Wednesday morning, July 24.

About 2,000 homes were still without power in the southern part of Mashpee following an intense storm that passed through the Popponesset area before heading to the Mid- and Outer Cape.

Captain Thomas A. Rose with the Mashpee Police Department said that it looked like a narrow "swath of destruction" passed through the Popponesset area Tuesday, bringing down trees and power lines. Several roads were closed in the area that day.

As of Wednesday, roads had been cleared for passage, and DPW crews were out chipping fallen trees at the side of roads.

While he did not see much structural damage to homes, Capt. Rose said that trees had fallen on top of a dozen homes, and one car was crushed in a driveway when a tree fell on it.

The captain said that it could be days before power is restored. He spoke with Eversource in the area on Tuesday.

The police, however, did not report any weather-related injuries.

Meteorologist Bill Simpson with the National Weather Service reported that wind gusts close to 60 miles per hour hit Mashpee at 11:38 AM Tuesday.

Rain also brought flooding of streets and homes.

The weather service issued two tornado warnings in the area on Monday and Tuesday.

One came Monday night, after which no tornado was confirmed.

Then around 11 AM Tuesday, another warning went out.

Mr. Simpson said the weather service did confirm a touchdown of a tornado on the western part of Yarmouth and in Harwich and Chatham. He said that a popular video circulating of a hotel's roof blowing off was not from the actual tornado. The Weather Service reported wind gusts up to 90 mph at a beach in Yarmouth, where the tornado passed through.

The meteorologist said that the storm came through south of Block Island, then between Martha's Vineyard and the Elizabeth Islands and into Mashpee. He said it was probable that the storm intensified in Mashpee and likely became a microburst—an intense small-scale downdraft produced by a thunderstorm—before it continued east to the rest of the Cape.

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Thanks to Rodney Collins and the rest of all the town departments that assisted the residents of Popponesset after the storm. Many thanks to all the out of state electric crews that had power restored in a day and half.



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