Mashpee is a step closer to having a recreational marijuana dispensary open its doors to customers after a decision by the zoning board of appeals on Wednesday, August 26.

The board unanimously approved a variation to a special permit to allow M3 Ventures, also known as Triple M, to begin recreational sales from temporary structures.

The approval allows for two temporary wings to be added to the company’s existing medical-only facility on Echo Road. The dispensary will begin recreational sales from the temporary structures while constructing an extension to the existing building for long-term use.

A representative from M3 Ventures could not be reached for comment.

In late July, before the approval of the temporary structures, Kevin O’Reilly, the chief operating officer of M3 Ventures, said that recreational sales could begin as soon as this fall, although an exact time frame had yet to be established.

“We’re hoping to have recreational sales sometime, optimistically, in the fall,” Mr. O’Reilly said at the time.

In addition to getting the temporary structures attached to the existing 1,500-square-foot, medical-use dispensary, the parking lot at the site must be expanded before recreational sales can begin.

The construction of a 3,700-square-foot extension to the existing structure could commence while both recreational and medical sales operate out of the temporary structures.

After the installation of the temporary wings, the state Cannabis Control Commission would have to complete a final walk-through to approve the structure before recreational marijuana sales can begin.

The M3 Ventures facility in Mashpee received a provisional license for recreational sales from the Cannabis Control Commission in February. Under current town bylaws, M3 Ventures holds the only available host agreement with the Town of Mashpee for recreational marijuana sales.

The company also operates a recreational and medical-use facility in Plymouth.

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