The Mashpee Planning Board voted unanimously during its meeting on September 14 to approve a 4,860-square-foot commercial building as part of a special permit for the South Cape Village Shopping Center.

The one-story building, to be located near the corner of South Street and Charles Street, will serve as retail space for up to two tenants. The building will be the eighth built under the original 2001 special permit, bringing the total shopping center to about 151,860 square feet of commercial space.

The special permit, which allows for a 160,000-square-foot shopping center spread among eight buildings, has been modified numerous times over the past 20 years at both the town and Cape Cod Commission level, said Eliza Cox, an attorney representing the applicant, DPF Mashpee, LLC.

Earlier iterations of the shopping center plans had considered a 10,000-square-foot footprint for the building, Ms. Cox said. Then, in 2017, as South Cape Village sought a special permit for HomeGoods, the footprint was shrunk to about 6,000 square feet.

“We’re actually seeking to build at this point less than what the board has already approved for the shopping center,” Ms. Cox said. “It’s about 5,100 square feet less than what was originally approved with this shopping center and about 1,100 square feet less than what was approved and shown on the HomeGoods permitting plans.”

A loading dock will be included along the eastern end of the building. The new development will result in two parking spots being lost, leaving the shopping plaza with a total of 780 parking spaces or 5.1 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet.

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