The Mashpee School Committee on Wednesday approved an international field trip to Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome for high school students in 2021 during its meeting in the Quashnet School Library.

The trip will be open to students who will be in 10th, 11th and 12th grade and are interested in art or music. It will be chaperoned by Debra and Andrew Troyanos, the art and music teachers at the high school.

Likely to become the first international field trip available through Mashpee Public Schools in a number of years, the tour through France and Italy aims at providing a unique opportunity for students and broadening their horizons, Ms. Troyanos said.

With a price tag of about $3,200, the trip will run through the tour company Explorica. Payments will be broken up so the price can be paid over the course of several months.

The fee includes include airfare, hotel stays, transportation, tickets to all events and museums, all breakfasts and dinners as well as some lunches. Students will raise funds to reduce the costs as much as possible.

Parents are also invited on the trip if they pay the tour fee.

Explorica provides safety measures such as a $50 million liability police and close contact with US embassies in every country, which will immediately notify the tour guides if any concerns arise, Ms. Troyanos said.

A website will also allow parents to follow their children’s travels, she said.

There is no cap on how many students can go on the trip. Additional teacher chaperones will be needed for every five or six students who sign up.

Ms. Troyanos invited school committee members to also participate in the trip.

“Once you see what the students really experience and how well the trip is run and how much they get from it, I don’t think you’ll ever want it to stop,” she told the committee.

The trip will take place over April break so students will not have to miss classes.

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