Dino's Sports Bar

Dino’s Sports Bar in Mashpee

The Mashpee Board of Selectmen voted unanimously during its meeting in the Waquoit Meeting Room at Town Hall on Monday, June 7, to reject a request to allow outdoor amplified music at Dino’s Sports Bar.

The owner of the sports bar on Route 151, Constantinos Mitrokostas, who is better known as Dino, told the board that he has made changes since the selectmen eliminated his permit for outdoor amplified music in 2017.

“We spent a good amount of time, energy and money to remedy the noise issue, and in retrospect what I learned and realized was that we were outfitting the bands instead of the area,” Mr. Mitrokostas said. “I feel that working with the board and my neighbors we could move forward and come up with a solution.”

Several neighbors recounted problems with outdoor amplified music at Dino’s in past years and noted that Mr. Mitrokostas did not provide the neighbors any notice that he would be requesting amplified music from the selectmen again.

“About five years ago we had increasingly serious objections to the very loud amplified music that was being played at Dino’s outdoor patio late afternoon and evenings,” said Virginia Scharfenberg, a resident of Pequot Avenue adjacent to Dino’s. “We literally could not sit outside at our houses those four evenings, nor could we gain real quiet inside, even with windows closed and a fan on.”

Ms. Scharfenberg said that the music disturbed a young baby and a nurse in the neighborhood who worked early hours. When neighbors called to request that the music be turned down, “the person would turn it up and shout ‘Can you hear me now?’” she said.

Selectman Andrew R. Gottlieb said Mr. Mitrokostas should have approached his neighbors prior to coming before the board of selectmen.

“If you wanted to prove that you were seeking your second chance here, you’d have talked to these people before you came in and pronounced to us that you figured it all out and you know how you’re going to make them happy,” Mr. Gottlieb said. “You haven’t learned anything.”

Selectman John Cotton said the board could consider a trial run of outdoor amplified music if Mr. Mitrokostas could get his neighbors on board with a specific date and time for the trial run.

“I hope that you can get some agreement with your neighbors because it’s tough otherwise,” Mr. Cotton said.

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