Mashpee Selectmen Meeting

Mashpee selectmen discuss a possible new policies for laying sewer pipe in town.

The Mashpee selectmen suggested on Monday, November 4, that policies for laying sewer pipes should be developed so pipes may be laid simultaneous with other roadwork and betterments.

The proposal came as the selectmen have looked to craft articles for wastewater infrastructure for May Town Meeting, including a potential project to build a wastewater treatment plant and sewer collection system to help address nutrient pollution in the Mashpee River watershed.

“Why don’t we develop a recommended policy for major construction or conversion that, within a set amount of time for the plan, we put pipes in?” said Selectmen chairman Andrew R. Gottlieb.

Under the policy, selectmen suggested, some pipes could be laid before the completion of the treatment system as a whole, so long as their connection to the system would be forthcoming.

“You can put in dry pipes that aren’t going to be used for 20 years under the plan, that might not make sense, but a five or ten year horizon probably does,” Selectman Gottlieb said.

The sewer commission would need to make a recommendation to the selectmen as to how much of the pipes would be bettered by the town.

“We better 100 percent [of] the costs of the road, are we going to better 100 percent [of] the costs of the pipes?” Selectman Gottlieb asked, noting that Orleans betters 50 percent of the sewer pipes laid in their town while Chatham betters zero percent.

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