Ellen Marie (Edwards) Hendricks of Mashpee died May 19, in her home, at the age of 95.

She and her husband, Elmer Hendricks Sr., raised their three children—Carlton, Elmer (Butch) and Jane—in their home built by her father, Cyrus Edwards.

Born and raised in Mashpee, Ms. Hendricks had a deep love and devotion to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe and for her faith. To her nieces and nephews, she was known as Aunt Dart because she was always darting around to be present for anyone who needed help or guidance.

Besides taking care of her family or anyone in need, she still found time to work outside the home; she did house-cleaning and drove children with special needs to school. Her passion was working at the Mashpee Wampanoag Museum as a tribal historian. She loved to share her history and knowledge with her tribal members and family.

In March 2000 Ms. Hendricks was honored at a King Philip’s Ball for her service to the tribe for many years, including assisting on the “tedious genealogy process” for federal recognition. She received an Osamequen Award, named for a great and powerful Wampanoag leader of the 17th century, along with the tribute: “Her tireless work will benefit the tribe for generations to come.”

Ms. Hendricks also spent years teaching Sunday School at Mashpee Baptist Church, where she served as a deacon and sang in the choir.

She leaves a son, Carlton Hendricks Sr.; seven grandchildren, Robert Hendricks, Desire Hendricks, Shawn Hendricks Sr., Carlton Hendricks Jr., Sharon Hendricks, Nakia Hendricks Sr. and Suzanne Hendricks; 18 great-grandchildren; and five great-great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by two children, Elmer Hendricks Jr. and Jane Hendricks.

A funeral service was Tuesday, May 25, at the Old Indian Meeting House in Mashpee.

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