It is truly sad to see so much divisiveness in our town government. It was very disturbing to see the events at the last Planning Board meeting where Mary Waygan was vilified publicly by a vindictive individual. Mary Waygan is not some kind of secret agent out to bring down the town of Mashpee. She is quite the opposite. She is a person “of the people,” someone who is dedicated to the well-being of Mashpee. She is devoted to the thoughtful development of our town. We are so very fortunate to have people like her in town government. Others would build on every available square foot of land in our town, heedless of destroying its small-town character. Mary Waygan tries to protect it. It is also sad to see the lack of support for a board member by the other members on the same board. Mr. Fulone created some rules of civility for meetings, which is laudable. It is strange that those rules were not applied at that meeting. These are truly contentious times. It looks like we may be winning the battle of the pandemic. We should be grateful for that, and perhaps come together with less anger and a more cooperative spirit. The people of Mashpee deserve better. They deserve a town government with a willingness to create a new vision for our town, to break the old molds of development and to offer affordable homes for the “real” people of Mashpee to live in, not only wealthy, summer residents. There are so many possibilities if people would only embrace them. I sincerely hope that people can become more tolerant, forgiving and cooperative. And that good people are valued, not abused in public in the future.

Therese A. Bilodeau

Amos Landing Road


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