My breath caught as I read last week about Meghan Kerns' 9-year-old having such clarity that she “was glad to be in the music room because it had good places to hide.”

Our grandson was hidden in the music cabinets in the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre by his music teacher. They were in there over an hour. Our daughter and son-in-law did not know his “status.” He was a 4th grader and told me later that week that his teacher offered them lollipops in the dark instrument closets but he “didn’t take it because I was afraid he would hear me licking it.”

Does your heart catch when you read about his clarity during that trauma?

What are we allowing to happen to our children and grandchildren? Think of the child who covered herself in her friend’s blood in Uvalde to play dead.

Where are this nation’s priorities?

I read in a June 6 CBS/YouGov poll that 44 percent of Republicans responded that mass shootings are “unfortunately something we have to accept as part of a free society.”

I choose to think we have the will and vision, regardless of party leanings, to work harder in collaboration for our children and grandchildren’s safety wherever they are. Their right to life is no less than ours was when we grew up in a culture without this gun violence.

After Sandy Hook, we had to turn our rage into positive actions or be complicit.

Join us, Grandmothers against Gun Violence, or another gun safety group, to advocate for laws that prevent gun violence.

Individuals working for positive changes are simply volunteers who care about safer communities. One does not have to be a grandmother or grandfather. A caring heart will be welcomed.

Kathleen Glueck

Leisure Green Drive


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