In September we had our Annual Pool Players Pizza Party, or APPPP. Somewhere about 60 people came, and we had the usual good social time and gave out trophies from previous tournaments. Now, an amazing tale about angels from this APPPP:

Nick D’Alessandro and I always order the pizzas. This year from Wildfire in the Shell station (highly recommended). A week before the party I realized that we hadn’t done this. I called Nick on Monday morning and said, “We should get down there and order, shouldn’t we?” Nick said, “Yes.” I said, “How about this morning?” And he agreed. (Yes, all this is relevant.)

So a bit later we went there, got a menu, sat down and made up a list (we generally order about 22 pizzas).

Having done so, we stepped up to the counter to order. A youngish woman (25 to 35?) stepped up beside us and said, “I would like to pay for half of this.” We tried to dissuade her. I explained that it was a large order and we weren’t indigent. She insisted and went out. I then handed them my credit card, but the woman at the counter said, “She’s serious. She just went out to get her credit card.” Nick and I were disbelieving, but she came in again and handed in her credit card and said, “In fact, charge all of it.” Again I tried to dissuade her, but she insisted that she wanted to do this. Finally, Nick and I thanked her profusely and asked if she and a partner would come to the party on Friday. She said that she would but couldn’t because they were just now driving home and it was two hours away. So she got someone to take pictures of the three of us, and we hugged. I asked her name so that at least we could send a thank you, but she wouldn’t give it.

The only explanation that I could give, apart from the fact that we were two superannuated guys (86 and 87, one with a cane), is that we were both were wearing our red Southport Veteran hats. Simply making this assumption, I told her that there were, in fact, many veterans coming to the APPPP who would be told of her kindness and generosity. And that’s it.

I don’t believe in much, but maybe angels exist, or more likely just plain human kindness, which seems angelic in our present state.

Ernest Ruber

Longwood Road


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