The issue of conflict of interest has been raised regarding my candidacy for a seat on the Mashpee Planning Board. It’s an important question that deserves to be addressed.

To be sure, there are many business people who serve as elected municipal employees in Mashpee. We’re fortunate to have builders, bankers, business owners, tribal members, people with varied backgrounds and experiences. This is a true strength of Mashpee’s boards and committees because it provides not only expertise but also a variety of diverse perspectives.

In my professional capacity at the bank, I do not have lending authority and do not provide any input into the bank’s lending decisions. I have thoroughly reviewed the state’s regulations and have spoken at length with an attorney at the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission. Based on that conversation and the attorney’s opinion, I’m confident my position at the bank does not create a conflict with my serving on Mashpee’s planning board.

If elected, the Ethics Commission attorney suggested I file Form 23(b)3 with Mashpee’s town clerk. I’ve spoken with the town clerk, she’s provided the form, and if elected I will file the form with her office.

Additionally, banking is a heavily regulated industry, and my bank has a very clear conflict of interest policy. I’m required to attest annually to my compliance with that policy. I’ve reviewed that policy and am confident there is no conflict with my serving on Mashpee’s planning board. In fact, my bank encourages civic engagement among its employees.

As a member of Mashpee’s planning board, I’ll do what I’ve been successful doing for 30-plus years: I’ll listen, learn, consider all the options and impacts, and collaborate with my peers to find the best solution for our community.

I welcome anyone who would like to further discuss this matter to contact me directly. I’d be happy to talk with you.

John Fulone

Stratford Ridge


Mr. Fulone, a candidate for a seat on the planning board in Tuesday’s annual election, June 23, works at the Cape Cod Five. He can be reached on Facebook or at

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