I was heartened to learn that David Weeden is running for the Mashpee Board of Selectmen. I was impressed with his calm, thoughtful approach when he served as a member of the planning board. As someone who is worried about our current housing crunch, I also noted his advocacy for housing that working people can afford.

Increasing housing stock only addresses part of the issue: if it is all high-end and expensive, we will lock out the very people we seek to help. I make a good wage, and I still would find it difficult to afford some of the rentals that are currently available, let alone the high-end rentals in many newly built apartment complexes in the exurbs. I would like people who grew up here to be able to afford to stay.

Employers need reliable people. They will not easily find them if the cost of housing is out of reach. David Weeden has pushed for housing people can afford. I think he will be a great addition to the board of selectmen.

Pamela C. McCarthy

Leamington Lane


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Just theTruth

No doubt Mr Weeden is nice, but know his decisions will be metered by the tribe.


It is easy to accuse so what is your proof?

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