In last week’s guest commentary, Sarah Chace, a partner at Mashpee Commons LP, developer of Mashpee Commons, offered a unique perspective on fantasy, stating, “Mashpee Commons was creating a nationally recognized example of smart growth and traditional community center development.” It’s shameful that she does not also acknowledge that she forgot to add the “community” into this supposed community center. They never built out the residences! Why?

In their 40B special permit they were to have built 386 residences, with 92 as affordable. To date, there exist only eight affordable residences. The Chaces received a MassWorks grant of more than $900,000 to create Market Street based on this 40B permit. Is this fact misinformation or fantasy?

At this week’s Select Board meeting, she again forgets the value of “community.” She stated via her attorney in a letter, spoken into the record, that a scientific presentation “misuses the public meeting forum to promulgate one’s own view as to how someone else should use his own private property.”

Misusing a public meeting? Is the community not to be made aware of environmentally sensitive waterways or animal species that exist in Mashpee, as reported from a scientist, simply because a parcel of land is private?

If that is the premise, what about private landowners and the current septic and sewer conversations at public meetings? What about public conversation on zoning, building code, board of health or fire and safety concerns? Are these to be held in secret or in a public meeting domain?

Sarah Chace’s attorney spokesperson also proclaimed as this developer’s hallmark “Environmental Stewardship,” yet their plans, as recent as 2015 for the “Trout Pond Neighborhood,” offered 78 private residences surrounding the pond. Is this fact, misinformation or fantasy?

Trout Pond is an environmentally sensitive area with water, wastewater and protected species concerns. I say THANK YOU to the Select Board and every Town of Mashpee board that allows, encourages and establishes forums for public information, scientific education and community feedback.

Water is life! Reality is fact! Let’s stop “Chacing” fantasy.

Meredith L.M. Kilpatrick

Tracy Lane


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