In their October 1 letter to the editor, Mary LeClair and Elana Doyle thank Sarah Chace for “explaining” the Mashpee Commons development proposal to us. What these women don’t seem to know is that developers do not “explain” proposals to residents but rather must seek our permission!

Town Meeting is an original mechanism of local authority used in Massachusetts since the 17th century. Town Meeting is where members of the community come together to make the decisions that guide our town. These decisions are made by you and me—not by developers.

Zoning is our community’s blueprint that guides our growth, preserves our community character and implements the community’s long-term vision. Approval of zoning bylaws happens only at Town Meeting; any proposed changes to zoning are voted on only by residents.

Sarah Chace’s threats that Mashpee Commons “will be developed” [in her September 24 guest commentary in the Mashpee Enterprise] ring hollow because we, the voting residents of Mashpee, hold the keys to any potential development that may or may not happen at that site via our votes at Town Meeting.

Mashpee Commons seeks zoning changes to allow significantly more development than is currently allowed. Perhaps the residents of Mashpee want significantly less. The choice is ours.

Arden Russell Cadrin

Sturgis Lane


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