The Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board must stop Mashpee Commons’s efforts to get approval of their bylaw amendment for their expansion plan by the July 12 deadline to get the bylaw on the warrant for the October Town Meeting.

We need a development agreement signed by the Mashpee planning board and the Mashpee board of selectmen before a bylaw change or any vote is taken.

The development agreement is a contract among the Town, Mashpee Commons and the Cape Cod Commission to NEGOTIATE, not COLLABORATE, as the Commons likes to say. It is a document which spells out in detail what the developer is giving us in exchange for their financial gain and covers any negative impacts of the project and how the developer will make up the loss.

Along with a development agreement the developer must provide us with the impact studies.

Before any zoning bylaw is approved, we must first have a signed development agreement.

If we foolishly go along with what Mashpee Commons wants, we will be giving away our town.

Richard N. Klein

Ashers Path West


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