As one who walks a lot, I so enjoy the many paths through the woods of Mashpee and walking the different streets and byways of the town. What I find disturbing is the amount of litter I encounter along those walks.

Since the year 2020 is the 150th anniversary of Mashpee’s incorporation, I thought I would turn my verbal complaining about litter into doing something about it. The theme song, “Mashpee Will Shine Tonight,” and the spirit of “Mashpee Pride” has caused me to take some action trying to make the community shine a little brighter and show some of that Mashpee pride. I now take a large trash bag and a trash picker/grabber with me on my walks.

Many of our roads contain a high volume of litter. Recently, on Route 130, the Cotuit Road area and South Sandwich Road, by far the number one item of litter I picked up were discarded nip bottles. They were followed by beer cans/bottles, then soft drink cans/bottles, then plastic water bottles, then the general trash of every kind and shape. Adding credibility to the recent Enterprise editorial about littered nip bottles, I picked up along Route 130 (Main Street) 107 empty nip bottles and in the Cotuit Road area 72 empty nip bottles.

Would individuals or groups be willing to “adopt” a street, or streets or a section of a street, where from time to time, at their convenience, they could make sure litter is picked up? Our DPW has too much to do to take valuable work hours away from them to pick up litter. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it also takes a community to make it shine and to give it pride.

Together we can indeed “Make Mashpee Shine.” It may be wishful thinking, but it might just also cause those who do litter to have some town pride and keep their litter off the Mashpee landscape.

Richard P. DeSorgher

Shields Road


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