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As a proud resident of Mashpee, I was so pleased to read Richard Desorgher’s delightful and intoxicatingly titillating column “Mashpee During Prohibition.”

By the time I got to the second paragraph I learned that the Volstead Act of 1920 (which made it illegal in the US to make, sell or transport alcohol) was violated more in Mashpee than anywhere else on Cape Cod, I took a break and went to get a bottle of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay and a corkscrew.

Returning to the journal, I was stunned by how much fun the locals seemed to be having violating Prohibition in every which way.

And it made me flash back to my daze in San Francisco in the ‘60s when a big part of the high (getting stoned) was the very illegality of it.

So before I broke out laughing on reading that Great Neck Road North became known as “Prohibition Highway,” I needed to take another break and put a freshly harvested homegrown bud in my glass pipe. Not nearly as much fun as thumbing my nose at authority (LBJ and Nixon) and lighting up… but I’m feeling pretty darn good right now nevertheless.

Paul Rifkin

Church Street


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