Deplorables. A word used by Hillary Clinton to describe any person who supports President Donald Trump. Doesn’t matter that, like her, most of us have never lied under oath or put self before country.

Putting that aside, and grateful for the energy her despicable name-calling brought to the Republican Party, I am writing on another issue that continues to disturb me.

Melania Trump. Graceful, beautiful—stunning, actually—fashion icon, humble and quiet yet never, not once, featured on a magazine cover of a magazine since her husband became POTUS.

Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan and countless other first ladies who have been featured on magazine covers and interviewed about their experiences, have always shared interesting stories about their lives in the White House. For Melania to be deliberately shunned by magazine editors who claim to promote women and promote women’s rights, who feature women who are not afraid to behave differently than the mainstream: it is appalling that these same editors who continually espouse tolerance and respect of differences behave in the totally opposing manner.

So to Anna Wintour, Samantha Barry, Nina Garcia, Sally Lee, Dan Wakeford, Michael Fell, Jessica Pels of Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Ladies Home Journal, People, TV Guide, Cosmopolitan and countless others—shame on you. All of you….

…for prioritizing your personal fear of conflict, your personal values and your own warped fake news theories before the 57 percent of us who approve of Melania Trump. Who are interested in her life, her experiences, before and while living in the White House.

Shame on you for yielding, and joining, the hatred, bullying, negativity and mean-spirited lies of (some of) the other 43 percent.

It is also ironic that your cohorts condemn President Trump without any hesitation on every news channel, every radio station, every second of every day. But you can’t or won’t speak one word about our graceful first lady.

Should your rationale sound something like, “We are not sure what we would write about,” here are a few suggestions.

She became a legal US citizen; what a great story that would be to read about! Maybe she would share some ideas, so others could do the same. Or, how about featuring how she, like so many other women in your magazines, became an entrepreneur; starting her own clothing business, her own jewelry business and her own skin products line. Wow!

Or how about her intellect and rare ability to speak fluently in five languages? Or maybe an interview about how she balances being a mother with that of first lady?

Perhaps that her attempts to campaign against bullying were met with outrageous ridicule and no media support, who instead, resorted to bullying her and her initiative? Or that derailed, she repositioned her efforts with her “Be Best” campaign, focusing on kindness and treating others with respect?

But none of this has been reported as you editors and your broadcast colleagues prefer focusing on hatred and what is wrong rather than coming together to find solutions for how we make better those things that are right.

It disgusts me to read your magazines and see no content about our beautiful first lady, nothing about her purpose, her experience, her grace, her accomplishments, her fashion style. Nothing. I have come to the conclusion that this is because this is what you and your media are made of: nothing. No substance, only fear.

To all of you, I say, grow a set, take a stand, support our country even though less than half do not. Think of all the publicity you will get! CNN, MSNBC and others will surely feature your decision as a top news story alert! And women like me, a Republican, a Trump supporter, will applaud.

A former reader of the above-mentioned journals,

Stacey B. Hodgman

Maple Street


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Thank you for your bravery in the face of a large immovable blue force that refuses to acknowledge the kindness and love that comprises Melania Trump.

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