I watched with great interest the September 18 program on Mashpee TV as the four candidates for Mashpee selectman expressed their views on a variety of key issues that face the town. I applaud all the candidates for their willingness to serve our community.

Mr. Richardson and Mr. Weeden clearly stood out as the candidates who had the best understanding of these issues including wastewater, affordable housing, short-term rentals and South Mashpee cell coverage and were in the best position to immediately serve our community.

Mr. Bono was limited in his understanding of the issues facing Mashpee and offered no solutions that he would implement, if elected. Frequently, he said he had not studied the issue yet.

Ms. Doyle came off as a credible and enthusiastic candidate, but her knowledge of the key issues seemed limited. She was focused on Joint Base Cape Cod to handle our wastewater issues but did not seem to understand the capacity issues and length oftime to implement that solution. Like Mr. Bono, she took a wait-and-see attitude on several issues, rather than pushing for action. Perhaps serving on one of the many town committees would help her gain the needed experience before taking on a position of much greater responsibility inherent in the board of selectmen or the school committee, which she recently ran for.

Mr. Weeden has had some excellent experience serving our community, including his most recent role on the planning board. He focused on programs for wastewater and affordable housing and demonstrated that he could work those issues. He fell short on how to address South Mashpee cell coverage and had no clear plan on how to resolve this safety issue.

Finally, Mr. Richardson stands out as the clear candidate for selectman. He has the experience, most recently service on the finance committee, and the greatest knowledge of the issues facing Mashpee.

I have had the opportunity to work with Mike as a member of the finance committee and have found him to be an excellent leader who dives into and clearly comprehends the topics. He is very focused on quickly working through our wastewater and other key issues to implement a solution that gains the agreement of town members.

Mashpee residents, we have had too much discussion on many topics and no action. I urge you to vote for Mike Richardson to have an experienced leader representing us who will help drive these issues through implementation.

Philip B. McCahill

Bayshore Drive


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