Greedy, power-hungry rogues are eroding our republic. In January, they violently revolted, and in Texas, they devised a Taliban-like system of bribed enforcers that President Biden called “unconstitutional chaos.” Other states threaten to enter the fray; they’re gathering forces.

Over decades, we’ve watched these rogues attract corporate millions. Their power base expanded when they hijacked religion’s abortion debate and packed the Supreme Court. Today, neither money nor prayers can prevent them from disregarding the will of the people: Although a 2018 Pew Research Center survey found that 77 percent of voters want limits on campaign spending, donations increase exponentially. In 2021, Pew revealed that 59 percent of Americans favor abortion in all or most cases, with 39 percent opposed, yet the majority isn’t ruling.

Americans must unite. Congress could compromise and pass proposed legislation. The Supreme Court could reconsider its recent Texas decision. Voters could simply wait to see which of our rights will be stolen from us next—or reach out to representatives and rise in peaceful protest.

On October 2, feminists will gather across the country and in every town on Cape Cod to demand that our rights remain as we so valiantly carved them into our Constitution. Please join us.

Ann B. Shea

Mayfair Court


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