Grounds Work At Spohr Garden

Just like weeding a garden, it takes effort to root out clutter in our minds.

As we tend to our winter-littered homes, yards and gardens this spring, refreshing the spaces and clearing away the clutter for the warmer months to come, let us also begin sorting out and sweeping away the extraneous nagging thoughts that have accumulated in our pandemic-pressured minds.

No matter our ages or personalities, our experiences with mindfulness or meditation, we no doubt have some negative or disruptive patterns of thinking that we can address through an actively passive process of letting go what can safely be discarded from our pack-rat brains.

By “actively passive,” we mean making a determined effort at gradually assigning less and less importance and attention to our stray or stubborn thoughts: grudges we’ve been holding, self-criticisms we’ve been harboring, wishes we can easily grant but have not, questions we can never answer. The list goes on. These are thoughts we don’t need and would likely feel lighter and unburdened without keeping.

The poet T.S. Eliot called April “the cruelest month” for reasons of his own, but we see it as a great opportunity to engage in kindness—to others and to ourselves.

Our enjoyment of spring and summer will be all the greater for doing so.

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