The bird has been cooked, and what’s left of it—along with the leftover corn and green beans—is in the refrigerator. So are the last few slices of pie and the mostly empty bottle of Chardonnay.

Thanksgiving 2021 is in the books.

We now find ourselves smack dab in the midst of the holiday season.

Thinking back to last year, the pandemic put a real damper on festivities. Most of the traditional community celebrations were canceled. Families were encouraged to cancel trips and only get together with those in their “bubble.”

Most of us stayed in, kept it small.

But not this year. The party is back on.

We still need to be smart about keeping ourselves healthy, but these are the “vaccinated” holidays. Most restrictions have been lifted. The seat belt light has been extinguished, so we’re free to move about the cabin, so to speak.

And don’t forget the shopping. When you get your gift list in order, hit some local businesses. This last year was a tough one for them. Let’s give them a boost starting tomorrow, which has been christened Shop Small Saturday.

Be safe, be kind, be generous and make this a marvelous holiday season.

We’ll leave you with a couple of short rhymes as a way of giving thanks:

The meal is done, the guests have gone,

You’ve turned to read the news

When something on the printed page

Prompts you to share your views.

(Thanks to all who have shared letters and commentaries throughout the year. Keep them coming!)

Leaves are falling, lights are up—

A marvel for the eyes—

And still you’ve taken time to read

The Mashpee Enterprise.

(And we on the Enterprise staff are super-grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!)

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