I come from a small backwater town in central Maine, namely Dixfield, population 2,500 for the last 100 years. We did, however, win the Maine State High School Hockey Championship back in 1958.

I went to college and then spent the better part of 25 years flying airplanes for the Air Force, after which I went back to college for an additional four years. Hopefully, we can all agree that I had a lot of “learnin’,” as we say in Maine. I even served a few tours in Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

Only recently have I come to know the real enemy. The doctors said they wanted me to start taking a blood thinner. I’m pretty much a homeopathic type, but I agreed. After having been examined by my cardiologist, another Mainer, I went to pick up my prescription, Eliquis.

Being a retired military man I have really good insurance (thank you, America). The pharmacist told me that it would be $28 a month, and since I’m on it for the duration, well, you can do the math.

I asked her, the pharmacist, “Just for the hell of it, what would it cost me if I didn’t have insurance?” Wait for it. . .she said, without so much as a small twitch, “That would be $1,200!” Now that’s $1,200 a month for the rest of my life.

I went to a stroke seminar in North Chatham recently. I asked the presenting doctor if that price could possible be right? He said it is “absolutely right.”

While in the Air Force, we did some pretty bad things to the enemy, enough in fact to cause PTSD to some of us.

So what do we do now? I don’t think tweeting will do the trick, do you?

Lt. Col. Tim Hanson USAF (Ret.)

Nick Trail


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