I wonder if you would consider not being for the vape ban that is in effect. Vaping is proven to be 95 percent safer for adults than smoking traditional cigarettes (Royal College Of Physicians).

All of the deaths and the majority of the illnesses caused by “vaping” have been caused from black market THC cartridges, not from nicotine products. I myself have been vaping for the last eight years and I am in much better health now than I was after 20-plus years of smoking traditional cigarettes. When I quit smoking traditional cigarettes, I started by using tobacco flavored e-juice but the taste made me crave traditional cigarettes, so I moved over to Peach and other fruit and candy flavors.

One thing I do agree with is the fact that we have to find a way to keep them from getting to children and enforcing the already established laws. The one thing that I think really needs to be done is to take them out of any retail shop that isn’t a vape shop, a tobacco shop, or an online shop with serious ID verification. Every time I walk into Vape Way and buy my supplies (before the governor forced them to close their doors and put them on the unemployment line) they scanned my ID to verify I was over 21. Gas stations and general stores do not do this.

Mark D. Whitman

Falmouth Road


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I agree completely. However our experience with e-cigarettes is even better. My wife and I completely stopped tobacco after our first e-cigarettes and completely phased out vaping within a few weeks. That was 6 years ago, after trying every known program or alternative, and neither has had a tobacco based cigarette since.

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