On Sunday afternoon Devaun Ford finally answered the question that nearly everyone has been asking him for the past year.

“Where are you going to college, Devaun?”

After months of telling people that he was weighing all of his options, Ford announced on his Twitter feed on Sunday, April 28, that he will be attending Framingham State University in September. Ford, who played on three Super Bowl championship-winning teams and owns Mashpee’s all-time scoring and multi-purpose yards career records, said he will be lining up in the backfield at FSU next year.

The decision to play at the Division III school did not come easily. He said as recently as this weekend that he and his father, Willie Ford, were discussing whether playing at Framingham or going to a junior college was the right decision for him. He also had been considering prep schools.

The fit at Framingham State felt best for Ford, who is excited that he will be reunited with high school teammate Roo Garcia, who is an offensive lineman for FSU. Ford said the coaching staff has told him that he will be in the mix to start right away, which has him excited.

“I’m ecstatic. We’re going to be really, really good. I played travel (football) with three other kids that are going there. It’s going to be fun.”

“I’m happy for Devaun and his decision,” MHS football coach and athletic director Matt Triveri said. “I support his decision and we’re excited to see him prosper and grow next year.”

Ford, who is also Mashpee High’s all-time leading scorer in basketball, said that many of his friends and followers were surprised to learn that he was going the Division III route, and heading to Framingham. He had been recruited by several Division I schools over the past few years, and has the talent to play at that level.

“I didn’t really expect it to happen this way, but I’m kind of glad it happened this way because it’s only going to help me, make me stronger, make me want to work harder. I think it’s going to turn me into a whole different football player.”

He said that his inattention to his schoolwork during the first few years of high school cost him. “School, I caught it my junior year. I didn’t know in the beginning about core GPA’s and stuff like that. I just thought you had to pass,” he said. “Junior year, that’s when I started getting recruited, that’s when I knew, but it was too late. I did bring it up, to the point where I’m eligible.” He noted, proudly, that he was on the honor roll last quarter and said that he had been made an offer from a Division I school this week. The fact that it was a place he had not visited, and that they wanted a decision sight unseen, right away, and without a scholarship offer in writing led him to decline.

That’s not to say that Ford will not eventually land at a Division I school. Should he choose to, Ford could transfer to a Division I program in the future. He would have to sit out a year before suiting up, but that possibility remains, should he decide to do that.

For the time being, though, Ford is focused on improving his strength and conditioning before leaving to play in the fall. He said that just recently he began to take weight training and conditioning seriously. “To be quite honest, I haven’t really worked out my whole high school career until now,” he said. “I knew what I could do, so I didn’t really put in the time.”

Just a month away from high school graduation, Ford feels like he’s getting things lined up the way that he wants. While he would have preferred that things had gone smoother on his journey to the world of college football, he said that his mistakes along the way will serve as motivation going forward.

“I feel like this is just going to turn me into a whole other animal. I’m kind of glad that it happened, because I’ve been blessed with so many things going good, that I needed something to not go my way.”

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