Casey Wheels To The Ball

Mashpee High’s Aldona Casey battles with a player from Middleboro for the ball in a game played at Mashpee High on Tuesday.

A couple of bad breaks proved very costly for the Mashpee High School field hockey team on Tuesday, October 8, against Middleboro High School in Mashpee. The Falcons played with the Sachems stroke for stroke over the course of the game, but two balls that trickled through traffic and found the back of the goal for Middleboro made the difference in a 3-1 win by the road team.

Coach Kelly Horan was pleased with the overall effort by her team, but said that the intermission was problematic for the Falcons. Mashpee trailed Middleboro 1-0 at the break and were able to tie it early in the second half before things got away from them.

“It’s just the consistency factor. The things that we were doing in the first half were good. I wish we could get rid of halftime, honestly. The break is where they start to lose it, and we were short subs today. We’ve got people going down left and right.”

Kelly Skantz put home the game-tying goal in the early stages of the second half for the Falcons. She got to a loose ball in front of the net and put it home, with Dasia Peters earning the assist on the play.

Middleboro answered back midway through the period with a beautiful goal. The Sachems converted a hard cross off the right wing to the front of the net for the tip-in that put them ahead by one. They later trickled one through some traffic to give themselves some breathing room.

Mashpee goalie Paige Farrington was excellent, despite giving up three. Farrington kept the team in the game with some athletic maneuvering throughout the contest.

“Paige was fantastic. She was on today for sure,” coach Horan said. “She saved so many goals today. She was getting pelted down there and she was on the ground, diving all over, hopping up. She was fantastic, I’m super impressed with the way that she played.”

Horan also praised the play of Sydney Burke, who handled the central midfield in the first half before moving back to defense in the second. Aldona Casey was also singled out for her hustle and effort in both halves.

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