Paige Lundberg

First day of the season, everyone is excited to get things going, and you’re about to have your best year yet. You’re the starter in goal for the Mashpee High School field hockey team, and you know that if you play well, you might be able to help the team to a good record.

That was exactly what the start of the year looked like for Paige Lundberg, and then she got hurt. Lundberg was injured warming up for the first game of the year and was never able to play in a game her senior year. Sometimes life just isn’t fair, and unfortunately the MHS goalie learned that firsthand.

Lundberg is the daughter of Sarah and Jon Borowski, and Matt and Jaime Lundberg. She has four siblings: Jack (12), Jacob (10), Mason (8) and Alex (5).

In school, Paige’s favorite subject is English. She said that her most-prized possession is a scarf that her papa saved for her after he bought it for her nana years ago.

Paige’s favorite TV shows are “American Horror Story,” “Schitt’s Creek” and “Criminal Minds.” Her go-to meals are either burritos or pasta, but no meat for this vegetarian.

How did you get involved with field hockey? How much do you enjoy it?

I became involved in field hockey in 7th grade. I had some friends who told me I should sign up for the middle school team and I fell in love with the sport from there. Field hockey has definitely been something I consider to be a very important part of my life since I have started playing, and something I will always enjoy.

Describe your feelings when you found out that you were going to get to play a senior season this year after the spring sports were canceled.

I was so excited to learn that I would have the opportunity to play during my senior year despite the conditions of the world we are living in right now. It was so amazing to learn that I would be able to have one semi-normal aspect of my senior year intact, as it feels like so much is still up in the air and I know many people did not get to have the same opportunity. Even though navigating around the guidelines was difficult at times, I am still so thankful that my school was able to make this happen for us.

You were injured before the start of the first game of the year. How did the injury come about, and describe your feelings when you realized that your season was over.

Unfortunately, I broke my wrist while warming up before my first game. I would say that this was extremely difficult for me to deal with because not only did this force me to miss my senior season, but I also felt as though I had let my team down. I was so frustrated that the injury had to happen then and there and not over the summer or literally any other time that was not my senior season. That being said, I am so thankful for my coaches’ and teammates’ support and understanding, as it is probably the main thing that kept me in a positive mindset despite this setback.

With the injury keeping you out, you were left to watch. Did you feel like you were still involved with the team, and how frustrating was it to not be able to affect things?

My biggest worry after my injury was that I would no longer feel like I was a part of the team. I am glad to say that this couldn’t have been further from the case. Even though I was not playing out on the field with my teammates, I still got to help them during practices and on the sidelines of our games. Since we didn’t have an official JV coach this year, coach Timarie Villa sometimes asked me to help her with warming them up before games and during practice, which meant so much to me and made me feel a lot more connected to the team as a whole. Overall I am so thankful to everyone who made me feel like a valuable part of the team even though I wasn’t in the cage playing with them.

Do you have any plans to continue playing in college?

While I am open to the idea of playing in college, it isn’t something that I necessarily plan on doing as of right now. I love field hockey and will most likely continue to follow it by watching games. Unfortunately, my injury forced me to miss out on any chance of being scouted, which is fine as I wanted to be able to dedicate more time to my education during my freshman year anyway. That being said, I could always try out for my school’s team if they have one.

Goalies have to have a certain mindset to be successful. How do you remain positive when things don’t work out?

Something that I learned while playing goalie that I try to carry with me throughout life is to never sell myself short. I find that when you truly convince yourself that you are capable of something, it is almost impossible not to succeed. I used to remember times in the net where I would see a ball coming at me that would require me to make a save that I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to execute, the times where I believed I would stop the ball and threw my heart into doing so almost always paid off for me. Being able to roll with the punches and stay resilient is something all goalies need to have, and this is an attitude that I attribute to my positivity throughout the season despite being injured.

What do you think a scouting report would say about you?

I would hope that a scouting report would say that I was a team player, dedicated, and good at keeping a positive mindset. Maybe they would mention my communication as one of my stronger skills on the field.

If you could replay one game that you have played in, which one would it be? Why?

If I were able to replay one game I have played in it would probably be the first game of this season. If I could go back in time and not get injured, I totally would. Other than that, I try not to ever beat myself up about game outcomes so I cannot say that I have a specific game in mind that I would want to replay.

What do you consider the highlight of your athletic career so far?

I would consider the highlight of my athletic career to be when I won a South Shore League All-Star last season. I worked so hard the whole season, as it was my first playing as the main varsity goalie, and winning the award really meant the world to me. It was so satisfying to see that my dedication was noticed by others and I genuinely was not expecting it at all, which only made it better.

Who is the best teammate that you’ve ever played with? What makes that person stand out?

Being able to work with Alexis Bryant this season was an amazing experience. She stepped up and offered to play goalie after my injury and was such a good friend and teammate throughout the season. She really put in the work and was so receptive to any help or advice I had for her and it meant so much to me that she took it so seriously. It took a lot of courage to throw herself into the position she did and I really admire her for it.

Do you have any sports-related superstitions? If so, what are they?

When it comes to sports, I do not tend to be very superstitious. That being said, if I don’t have time to listen to some music and mentally prepare for a game beforehand it definitely can throw me off. I have to be in the right headspace to perform at my highest level so as long as I have time to tap into that, I am all set.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from playing sports?

The most important thing I have learned from playing sports is mental toughness. Sports have been able to show me the importance of being able to push myself even when I have doubts. They have shown me that I am as strong as I allow myself to be, and there is no limit on my personal success if I am working hard.

Was there anything that you accomplished or worked on improving during quarantine that you’re proud of?

During quarantine, I worked a lot on myself. I tried to pick up new hobbies that would help to not only keep me busy, but also enrich my mental and physical health. I started practicing yoga and meditation and I have seen many positive changes in my overall mood, flexibility, and daily stress levels.

Is there anyone that you would like to thank?

I would love to thank my parents for taking the time out of their lives to drive me to preseasons, scrimmages, practices, and games. I would also like to thank my coaches and teammates who have helped me to get to where I am today, I couldn’t have done it without them. I am so thankful for all the support I have received over the course of my field hockey career.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever visited? Is there somewhere in the world that you’ve always dreamed of going? Why?

The most interesting place I have ever visited personally would have to be Seattle. It was such a cool city to visit, and I had so much fun there. As far as places I want to go, it would be easier for me to make a list of places I don’t want to go, as I would love to travel the world. There are so many beautiful places that I would love to see and explore on almost every continent.

What’s the biggest difference between you as a senior and as a freshman? If you could go back, what advice would you give to your freshman self?

I would say that the biggest difference between my current self and my freshman self would be my maturity level and confidence. If I could go back to that time and give myself a piece of advice, it would probably be to keep my head high because everything works out in the end. Freshman year me had a lot of personal stuff going on, and I would have definitely appreciated someone telling me that everything is going to be okay and that amazing things are waiting in the future; good things come to those who wait.

What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

Something that usually surprises people when they meet me is that I have played the viola for almost nine years. I currently play for my school’s string ensemble and last year I got the opportunity to play at the All-Cape Music Festival after a successful audition. Music is a very important part of my life and sanity, it helps me to express myself, be creative, and connect with others.

Describe your idea of the perfect day.

My perfect day would probably consist of me getting up early, and going on a long hike with friends or family. We would explore all day, stopping to eat snacks when necessary, and then find somewhere beautiful to watch the sunset. I would love to tell stories around a fire and campout after, as well. I love spending time outdoors with people I love so anything similar to this would be an amazing day in my book.

What are your post-high school plans?

My post-high school plans as of now are to pursue a degree in psychology and counseling so that I can become a therapist. I want to help people live their most happy and productive lives. As someone who has struggled with mental health issues myself, I would love to have the opportunity to be able to provide the same level of support that helped me become the best version of myself. The field of psychology itself is something that fascinates me and I love learning about new concepts, techniques and scientific findings.

Where will you be in 10 years, and what will you be doing?

In 10 years it would be amazing to have opened my own private practice (or at least begun the process to) and have a mental health facility with a focus on more holistic treatment options like meditation, nature therapy, mindfulness, et cetera. I would like to maybe own a home, or a good piece of property and hopefully be happy with what I have and the people around me.

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