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Selectmen: Wind Turbines Won't Operate In Falmouth

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m cool

RE: your reference to Building Commissioner Palmer’s December 2017 Wind 1 removal order reason is incorrect. I was the one that initiated the zoning enforcement request and according to the response letter I’m looking at right now, the building commissioners determination had nothing to do with the Wind Energy System bylaw abandonment clause! Mr. Palmer’s order was due only to the wind turbine structure being out of compliance zoning bylaw. Both the old Windmill and new Wind energy systems bylaw required the said turbine structures to obtain a special permit. Neither turbine gained that zoning protection. Thus Wind 1 (the object of my request) was found non-complying with this requirement after being denied by the ZBA. The building commissioner had no option but to order its’ planned removal. Wind 2 similarly, did not have the protection of a special permit, yet the building commissioner failed to identify nor even address the turbine’s zoning classification in his response to another residents (June 2018) zoning enforcement request. Very odd that his zoning interpretation consistency would waiver so given the June 2018 zoning enforcement request specifically asked that he determine Wind 2’s zoning status (i.e. non-complying or non-conforming).

m cool

Curious why part of your discussion of the suggested alternative location didn't include all the town expert consultant's information. The engineering firm Westin Sampson suggested 2235' from a residential property was a suitable distance to operate Wind 2 in it's new location. Yet, the town's own expert witness, during the special permit hearing, Dr. Robert McCullney (occupational science medicine - Harvard) presented a formula and gave testimony that a turbine the size and capacity of a V82 would require 2625' to eliminate noise nuisance risk upon residence. I trust the Selectmen rightfully gave greater weight to a doctor's testimony rather than an engineer's. Too bad you didn't touch on that comparison!

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