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The Great Shark Highway, in our fourth episode, retells a chilling story from two young women stuck in the water off Manomet Point in Plymouth after a sudden attack from a great white shark. They escaped unharmed to tell their story.

We also touch on some other attacks in the state.

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Someone is going to get bit if they keep swimming with the seals nearby. It's a nature taking place there with the sharks and seals. And if people are willing to put themselves in harms way then it's only a matter of time. Now we have an official saying to kill the sharks. Brilliant! He wants to stop nature so people can swim with the seals. And it all comes down to money. The ocean is theirs. They eat and survive like we do. To just kill for the sake of a boogy board ride is disgusting! Why not kill every predator on the planet, sorry, that means us too! One shark killed will be replaced by another. Where does it stop, they have a job to do on this planet. Stay out of their way. Swim in a pool


Can you please increase the volume on your podcasts? On my iPad it comes in too soft. Thank you.

Houghton Staff

Sorry about that. If you have headphones, that could help but we'll try to get the volume up next week. Thanks for listening

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