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The Great Shark Highway is a new podcast production from the Enterprise and Enterprise Plugged In. 

This debut episode looks at the often-times brutal history of human's treatment of sharks. We'll also look at the effect of the movie "Jaws" and its local ramifications in the 1970s.

New episodes of this new podcast will come out weekly.

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I've fished Rhode Island and cape water all my life. I ve also been diving in these waters since the 1980's. I've caught many different type sharks and released all of them unharmed. I consider myself a sportsman and most of the fish I catch, I release. A small amount kept for a fresh fish dinner from time to time. I've encountered large sharks in cape cod bay and other places and never have I felt threatened, granted I was in a boat. But I left them alone to do the job that's intended of them. I also am adamantly again those shark tournaments that kill sharks just to hang on a hook solely for the purpose of publicity. Those fisherman are not sportsman or hunters, they are killers. Hunters, kill for food, that's not the case in those tournaments. Nor do I find that a sport. The Great white I encountered off off the sandwich beach paid absolutely no attention to the frolicking human swimmers, that were 300 yards away. I watched him to be sure. And he turned away and went to deeper waters at one point. These Great whites are here to thin those seal populations. And without them we would be overrun by seals. I wouldn't be swimming with seals around because you could be asking for a mistaken bite.

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