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In our final regular episode in our series, the Great Shark Highway, we explore how much of a danger, if any at all, beachgoers could potentially be in with sharks in Upper Cape waters.

From Scusset Beach in Sandwich to South Cape Beach in Mashpee, and Surf Drive in Falmouth, we hear from the decision makers and what is in the works for prevention and data collection.

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If the sharks pose a serious threat to human life in or around our public beaches, then this specific sharks will need to be neutralized by whatever legal means necessary. Period.


One who uses the beaches along the shark pathway will at some point come in contact with more then one species of sharks other then the great white. Those encounters can be visual and some may be personal contact. Human interaction is only a matter of time and one needs to use common sense when deciding to swim, surf board in the areas where these sharks find a valuable food resource [where the seals populate and swim] These sharks have even become more aggressive where fishermen are fishing as they wait for a free lunch that is being fought by a some one fishing. On more then one occasion this year fishermen have lost fish as they fought the fish to the boat or shore, seals will also do the same when they decide to feed. While at the Horizons looking at the surf, there in the corner of the beach was a feeding shark and given the size of the animal I would not want to meet it out on the open water . Those who decide to use the high surf to enjoy and old sport can also be taking there own lives in there own hands as these animals can swim close to the white water and cruise its feed line of what ever is being churned up in the wash by the angry seas. One needs to remember that we humans are the interlopers of the aquatic resources and if you do not use common sense when engaging your enjoyment aspect of what the storms afford then only look in the mirror when asking who's fault is it that I just had one of my legs or arms get removed from a sharks bite . It can happen and it will it is only a matter of time I am sorry to say.

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