Proposed BMX Track

This image shows the proposed location of the BMX track in South Sandwich.

A proposal to build a BMX course on vacant land off Quaker Meetinghouse Road continued to gather speed in the past few weeks.

Cape Cod BMX was the sole responder to the town’s early December invitation to submit “expressions of interest” to build and operate a BMX course. The bids closed on December 21.

Last week the board of selectmen took the unusual step of voting to express its “intent to issue a license agreement” to Cape Cod BMX. The vote was unanimous.

Assistant Town Manager Heather B. Harper told the selectmen that the vote of confidence would help Cape Cod BMX with fundraising and permit-gathering efforts.

The BMX track, which would be built at 71 Quaker Meetinghouse Road behind the Pop Warner football field, and across the street from the town’s new skatepark/pickleball/tennis court recreational area, must obtain a special permit from the zoning board of appeals.

The operator must also obtain building permits and food service permits from the town, according to the bid posting.

Before construction of the actual track begins, the owner/operator must build a short road and a parking lot on the 7-acre parcel, Ms. Harper said in a telephone interview on Wednesday, January 13.

Once that has been done, Cape Cod BMX will be cleared to build the track and move all its equipment and materials over from its current location at Joint Base Cape Cod.

“We have a good proposal from them,” Ms. Harper said. “There are just a few more steps to go in the process.”

In its bid invitation, the town said a BMX facility would be consistent with the adjacent land uses and could benefit the community.

“The town anticipates that the BMX facility will offer a site for family-oriented BMX program training and competitive events.”

“Operations of the facility will involve traffic and parking issues, music and amplified track announcements. The town requests that the proposals address all of these issues...and demonstrate their plans to limit the impact on neighboring properties,” the bid announcement said.

The operator must also work with its immediate neighbors to work out parking and noise issues, the bid document says.

The town is requesting that the operator carry at least $3 million in liability insurance to cover injuries and property damage. Waivers must also be signed by volunteers who will help build and run the track.

Although the bid was not tailored to a specific party of interest, Cape Cod BMX—which has been managing a BMX track on Joint Base Cape Cod for more than three decades—had been looking for a new home.

The military base is looking into other uses of the acreage now occupied by the BMX facility, track operator Tammy Gibbs has said.

Ms. Gibbs said in a telephone interview on Wednesday, January 13, that although there are “a couple of little concerns” about the move, they are not insurmountable.

She said Bracken Engineering Inc., of Nantucket, has agreed to help and last week sent surveyors to the site.

Ms. Gibbs has said that the track itself would be built by USA BMX, the parent organization.

A BMX course allows bikers of all ages to participate in racing, stunts and tricks on specially made BMX bikes that are smaller, sturdier and lighter than standard bikes.

“We hope to be in by June 1,” Ms. Gibbs said. “It all depends on fundraising, permitting and Mother Nature.”

People interested in further information on raffles and other fundraising and volunteer opportunities can visit the Cape Cod BMX Facebook page, Ms. Gibbs said.

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