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Representative William Keating

The House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure proposed the Invest in America Act, a $547 billion reauthorization bill that would invest in America’s transportation and infrastructure, including Projects of National and Regional Significance.

The eventual replacement of the Cape Cod canal bridges would fall into one of these projects. In total, $12 billion is set aside for projects like these that cannot be funded without federal support. Specifically, $4 billion is allocated for bridges like the Bourne and Sagamore. US Representative William R. Keating (D-Bourne) helped introduce language in this bill that would allow for the federal monetary share to come via this program.

“The most pressing issue for the bridges is where would the federal funding come from,” Rep. Keating said. “The Invest in America Act solves this issue head-on. If the replacement of the Cape Bridges is handled under the projects of national and regional significance, it will be afforded a constant funding stream without the need for yearly appropriations.”

In total, the replacement of the Cape Cod canal bridges is expected to cost $2.2 billion. Replacing the bridges themselves will cost $1.2 billion, and an additional $1 billion is needed to replace and renovate the state highways connecting the bridges. The federal share of replacing these bridges would be covered through this act.

“It is a huge win for Southeastern Massachusetts that my language making the Cape bridges eligible for this funding was included in the bill. I look forward to working with Senators Markey and Warren, who both understand the importance of the Cape bridges, on ensuring the language remains in the Senate version of the bill,” he added.

The committee was to review this bill during a markup on Wednesday, June 9.

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