Democrat Susan L. Moran of Falmouth will be the next state senator for the Plymouth & Barnstable District.

On Tuesday, May 19, Ms. Moran defeated Republican James (Jay) McMahon III of Bourne for the vacant seat by just under 1,900 votes, garnering 10,790 votes to Mr. McMahon’s 8,927.

Ms. Moran was victorious in three of the six towns that make up the district, Plymouth, Falmouth and Sandwich. She relied heavily on her electoral strength in Falmouth, where she serves on the board of selectmen, winning by almost 2,300 votes. She won Plymouth and Sandwich each by about 300 votes. Mr. McMahon won tightly contested races in Kingston and Pembroke as well as his hometown of Bourne.

Ms. Moran said that the race proved exciting and that although she could not predict a victory on Tuesday, she knew she had “the most committed team” and had a feeling that the voters were looking for someone with experience who knows the district.

She said that while speaking to voters on the campaign trail, she sensed that they are “very anxious to be represented, to have somebody in the State House.”

“And that’s what I’ve felt the urgency to do, just get to work, get an oar in the water and start getting the community open and thriving again in a safe manner,” she said.

Ms. Moran said that once she gets to work after being sworn in, she will be “a substantial presence on both sides of the canal.”

She has already begun to reach out to legislators to discuss the work being done on Beacon Hill so that she can match that work to her constituent’s needs, she said.

In addition, Ms. Moran said she plans to reach out to officials in the six towns she will soon represent.

“I’m going to ask them: What do you need to serve your public?” she said.

Although Ms. Moran has won the seat left vacant when Viriato (Vinny) deMacedo (R-Plymouth) retired to take a post at Bridgewater State University last October, she will soon have to return to the campaign trail to keep the seat.

Ms. Moran’s seat will be up for reelection in November. The race might prove familiar. Mr. McMahon and Ms. Moran are both already on the November ballot. Two Plymouth residents, Jesse Brown, a Republican, and John P. Mahoney, a Democrat, have pulled nomination papers, although neither has submitted them for verification.

Ms. Moran said she is prepared for the challenge of legislating and campaigning simultaneously.

“I’m prepared for it because I’m already familiar with the issues. These are things that I’ve been working on as a selectman as well as a county legislator, and as the chair of Economic Development Council for the county. I have a base of experience that will allow me to forward initiatives at the same time that I broaden my constituency,” she said.

The Plymouth & Barnstable District encompasses the towns of Falmouth, Sandwich and Bourne in Barnstable County, and Kingston, Pembroke and Plymouth in Plymouth County.

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Another Democrat in the legislature. Great to live in a bipartisan state!

Cape Coddah

Good to live in a state where good government still means something.


Good government? Yah.

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