John A. Stanton, who ran unsuccessfully last year against longtime incumbent State Rep. Randy Hunt, announced this weekend in a letter to followers that he will run for the state senate seat currently held by Viriato “Vinny” deMacedo.

Jack Stanton

Jack Stanton

“I will be pulling papers as a candidate for the vacant Plymouth and Barnstable District State Senate seat to represent the towns of Sandwich, Bourne, Falmouth, Plymouth, Kingston and Pembroke in the Massachusetts Senate,” Mr. Stanton wrote in an emailed letter.

The decision required some soul searching, he said, because of the “feeling that I had violated the peoples’ trust.”

He was referring to his Mashpee arrest in September for operating under the influence.

“While driving my friend home, I was stopped by the police and charged with an OUI,” he wrote. “I will have my day in court and I have the utmost faith in the citizens of Barnstable County in adjudicating this matter fairly during my trial in February.

“I am confident that I will be acquitted. However, regardless of the outcome, I put myself in a situation that I shouldn’t have, and I own that.”

Mr. Stanton said his supporters had urged him to run anyway because his mistake can be forgiven.

A former teacher and mentor told Mr. Stanton that mistakes happen and how one responds to them—and grows from them—is what matter, Mr. Stanton said.

Such support and advice led him to announce his run, Mr. Stanton said.

Mr. Stanton was born and raised in Sandwich. He left a career in research consulting—which had most recently taken him to a posting in Africa—to come home and launch his unsuccessful campaign for Mr. Hunt’s seat last year.

Four Democrats have expressed interest in the Plymouth and Barnstable senate seat. They are: Falmouth Selectman Susan L. Moran; Becky Coletta, chairwoman of the Pembroke Planning Board; Plymouth Selectman John T. Mahoney Jr.; and Thomas Moakley, of West Falmouth.

James (Jay) McMahon III, a Bourne Republican, has also thrown his hat into the ring.

Mr. deMacedo, who announced last month that he is stepping down, was elected to the Massachusetts Senate in 2018. He previously served eight terms in the state House of Representatives.

He is expected to leave his post when the legislative session ends later this month. A special election will be held to find a replacement to fill out Mr. deMacedo’s term, which ends in 2021.

No date for that special election has been set.

Mr. Stanton said in his letter this weekend that his campaign will concentrate on addressing future effects of the climate crisis, fixing the healthcare system, school funding, and fighting for adequate budget funding for coastal communities.

The senate District encompasses Bourne, Falmouth and Sandwich in Barnstable County and Kingston, Pembroke and Plymouth in Plymouth County.

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Jack failed to get himself elected for the Representative Office and now he is planing to run for the State Senate seat. His experience is so lacking for sitting in any seat it is unbelievable . No local experience whats so ever to even think about how he will overcome the fact that those also running for this seat have the expertise more so then he does . Perhaps had he challenged for an open seat at the local level and won he would be in a better place then he is now? Perhaps Not. At least folks could actually see for themselves if he had the capacity to even conduct a winning campayne , based upon hearsay experience in the area of serving the people in today's needs. What happens should the charges he is waiting to be heard upon , show that in fact he is guilty of , that is something sitting in the background as to his judgment under such situations . Time will tell. But we do not need any one representing the people of our district unless they have a clear mind to do so and if found innocent, he will pass one hurdle to continue in his quest .?

Falmouth by the sea

I respect your opinions but I also find them to be elitist . Ones time spent in a particular office does not necessarily make them more able to deal with the many issues that we are facing here on the Cape. On the contrary the citizens living on this sandbar live the problems that Our Cape is facing- we see the climate changing, we see our neighbors and friends being effected by the opioid crisis just as we see our neighbors and friends dealing with the affordable housing crisis and so many other issues that our negatively impacting all of us. Our senator for many years as well as so many of our other elected politicians haven’t (even with their “experience”) been able to fix these problems; in fact the problems have become worse.

To suggest that someone is not capable of successfully addressing these issues just because they haven’t spent a ton of time in office is ludicrous. To bring up the “charges he is waiting to be heard upon” is also elitist - judge Jack on his life as a whole. Thank you for reading agler. With respect , David.


Well said!


Well said, Falmouth by the sea. :) The earlier posters comments are out of touch with current times and realities. Local politics need to start shifting to the generation that will be facing these issues for years to come.

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