A virtual workshop for citizens interested in identifying roadways vulnerable to storm surge and sea level rise will take place on Tuesday, December 7, at 4 PM.

Cape Cod Commission staff are working with Cape towns to examine vulnerabilities in the roadway network and identify solutions. Virtual workshop attendees will learn about the goals and objectives of the low-lying roads project and the hazards associated with coastal flooding, evaluate low-lying roads most vulnerable to coastal flooding and discuss which roads are most critically at risk, and identify priority road segments that should be considered for adaptation solutions.

With funding support from the US Economic Development Administration and the Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness program, the commission has contracted with the Woods Hole Group to conduct a vulnerability assessment of roadway segments, bridges and culverts due to flooding from the combined effects of sea level rise and storm surge.

This project will develop a prioritization framework to help identify the most critical road segments in each community. Potential adaptation solutions will be developed for two road segments in each of the 10 participating towns. WHG will prepare three potential solutions, ranging from more-traditional engineering solutions to green, nature-based approaches, for each of the prioritized road segments.

Anyone interested in attending the meeting can use the following link and meeting details:

https://capecodcommission.org/llr/join; passcode: join; or call in to the workshop at 929 205-6099, using the Meeting ID 935 5189 6265.

Further information on the Low-Lying Roads project can be found by visiting: https://www.capecodcommission.org/our-work/lowlying-roads-project/

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