The town would like to know how residents feel about Comcast’s services.

To gauge those feelings, the town is conducting a survey, which is posted on the Sandwich website—

The survey, which takes less than 10 minutes, asks about the various services the cable television and internet provider offers, such as high definition and WiFi services, the company’s responsiveness, pricing, customer service and Sandwich Community Television, the community television station.

The survey follows a recent public hearing on Comcast’s performance.

The “ascertainment” hearing, held at town hall—as well as the survey—are requirements of Sandwich’s contract negotiations.The contract between Sandwich and Comcast Communications—which provides cable television services for the entire town—will be up for renewal on July 27, 2021.

Although the deadline is more than a year away, the renewal process is complicated and requires navigation through state and federal regulations, as well as negotiating with the cable provider for more and better services in the coming years.

Residents at the hearing were urged to limit their comments and questions to the quality of service and customer service Comcast provides, the importance of the Sandwich retail office in Tradewinds Plaza on Route 130, and the importance of continued funding for SCTV.

Questions about all those matters are also included in the survey.

Attorney William August, who oversees the Comcast contract negotiations for the town, said he and the members of the cable TV advisory committee will consider all the testimony from the hearing and present their findings to the board of selectmen in the coming months.

Survey results will also be given to the selectmen for consideration.

The selectmen will prioritize the needs of the community and those priories will be communicated to Comcast during the ongoing negotiations, Mr. August said.

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